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The Haflinger is a small, sturdy, sure-footed horse that does well on minimal pasture, withstands extreme cold climates, and easily maintains overall good health. They are affectionate, dependable, and truly become part of the family, as they are very people oriented. The Haflinger varies in size, its height ranges between 13-15 hands, weighing from 800-1300 pounds. They are well-muscled, with a powerful build, sturdy boned, and large hooves.

The Haflinger originated in the Tyrolean mountains of Austria. Although the Haflinger was originally used as the family farm horse. All purebred Haflingers can be traced back to the original foundation sire of this breed, "249 Folie," in 1874. He was the result of breeding a half Arab stallion and a refined, native Tyrolean mare. They are now becoming known in throughout the world, especially in North America, for their versatility in and out of the show ring. The Haflinger performs well in western pleasure, dressage, jumping, driving, packing, trails, and farm work.

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